Mauro the Italian chef

Venue: Trumpets Jazz Club & Restaurant
Address: 6 Depot Square, Montclair, NJ 07042
Category: Food & Wine
Event Title: Trumpets Welcomes to Its Staff Chef MauroTrabalza
from Sora Lella in Rome, Italy
Event Dates: Wednesday, December 1 and Thursday, December 2, 2010
Event Time: 6 p.m.-11 p.m.
Event Cost: $35 pp (does not include tax & gratuity)
Contact: Enrico Granafei, Owner or
Public Info: 973 744-2600
Join Trumpets Jazz Club as we welcome Chef Mauro Trabalza to our staff with a reception that will feature a selection of Chef Mauro?s Roman cuisine. Chef Mauro will prepare a four course dinner consisting of fifteen traditional Roman dishes. Traditional Italian wines, selected by our sommelier, Fabio Maltese will be available for purchase. Trumpets? owners, Enrico Granafei and Kristine Massari, are pleased to introduce Chef Mauro?s culinary skills to you on two evenings at an exceptional price.
Biographical info:
?My story started about 30 years ago?, Mauro Trabalza explains, ?it?s almost like a mission; I passionately promote my culture, our flavors and my being Roman.? Mauro Trabalza discovered his love for cooking when he was a young boy growing up in his native city of Rome, Italy. He would run home from school to his grandmother?s restaurant, Sora Lella, on the Tiberina Island, the oldest part of Rome. He learned the secrets of his family?s cooking by watching his grandmother prepare her special creations He was fascinated by what he father, Chef Aldo Trabalza, could create by putting together even the simplest ingredients and by the incessant chatter in many different languages coming from the dining room. But cooking was not the only hereditary influence he felt. Part of his family was big in the film industry, so he decided to study movie editing, certain that he would end up working on big productions as soon as he developed the right skills.
?My father is a great teacher, patient, savvy and eager to share his knowledge with you. Learning was easy not just for me, but for the many others who picked his brain through the years,? Mauro explains. ?I wasn?t really into working in a restaurant at first. I was 19 and I was dreaming of Hollywood. But his enthusiasm was contagious. I moved from only caring about wines, to taking care of the dining room and finally transferring into the kitchen. Now I find it to be the most relaxing place, a place where I can create and leave room for inspiration.? But is there room for creativity while preparing dishes from a long-lasting tradition?
?It?s not that easy because our cuisine is based on recipes that have specific characteristics and requirements? but there is always a bit of room for some personal touches. Here at Trumpets, I am able to indulge my love of jazz, and I am inspired to greater creativity while remaining true to my love and passion for the traditions of Roman cooking.?

Cena romana tradizionale
Traditional Roman Dinner
A flute of Prosecco
Sparkling wine from the Veneto region of Italy
Il Benvenuto